Friday, July 4, 2008

Hershey Park Family Trip for Our Anniversary

We actually took the kids to Hershey Park for our Anniversary this year. I know, once you have kids, how you celebrate is definitely different. It was so fun to have Isaac get off a day of work in the middle of the summer! Our friends James, Cami and Parker came with us too. Thanks for coming guys! It was tons of fun! Morgan Mae loved the rides and the water park...not too many pictures from there. Noah fell asleep in his wet bathing suit, on me, right after I took off his little life jacket. So, my hands were a little tied. The big kids took turns, except for Cami who is pregnant with TWINS, on the big boy & girl coasters. We really did have lots of fun except for the cost of food & drinks, which were ridiculous! The pictures are from the whole day & the little clip is of the Frog Hopper ride that Morgan & Parker absolutely loved. Enjoy! We did!

Morgan and Parker having SO MUCH FUN on the Frog Hopper Ride...