Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dancing Machine

For those of you who know Noah, you already know he loves to dance! Sorry, I don't know how to turn the video!

Merry Christmas!!!!

New & Snow !!!

Our old home, finally got new windows!!! And when I say old, I mean our home was built in 1905!!! It was in much need of new windows! The windows were the original wood & single pane glass. Many didn't shut all the way & others were painted shut!!
Here are some fun pictures of the kids helping!
Noah getting the hang of things on how to help.
Morgan was at school for most of it, but got back to help with the finishing touches!
She loved bopping Noah with the vinyl trim!!!
And what little boy doesn't love ladders!!!
He got to the top & started yelling "Weeee!"
Good thing we got those windows, just in time for more snow!!!
I think the house looks awesome!
We even woke up to more today! It's still snowing right now!

Noah loves helping Papa! Which usually means falling off the sidewalk
& not being able to get back up with in broom in hand:).
You can see the snow is as tall as the sidewalk.

Noah's cheeser!