Thursday, July 8, 2010


During the last week of school Morgan Mae's entire school put on little musical numbers. Morgan's sweet class sang the Bumblebee song.

It was so FUN to watch...
Getting ready to start.
The cutest bumblebee around.

Here are 2 video clips from the performance...

I stopped recording too soon...

I was such a proud Mama. And still am! She did so great! I was laughing & totally had tears running down my cheeks. Love you tons Mo!
She is totally doing the motions & singing it right now as I'm playing the little clips. So sweet!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cheerio Success

I love these pictures. They were taken in March. Sam is learning how to feed himself for the 1st time.

Mama gave him a taste of cheerio.
Investigating how to grasp & pick it up himself.
Tasting the reward.

I did it myself mama:).

I love, love, love that face:).!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Noah's 3rd B-Day Party

Noah's 3rd birthday party was so much fun! We couldn't resist ourselves when I found this bounce house with his favorite thing in the world on it...CARS!

This showed up during breakfast at about 9 a.m.
And this was the reaction...

That reaction was priceless!

This is Noah showing us that new Cars shirt he picked out for his bday.
He loves that shirt.
I had to wash it lots and let him wear it about 4 times that week:).

Some neighborhood buds.

Sam giving us his cheese face.
That also includes snorts:).

Morgan investigating the goodies.

Our great friends the Grahams.

Noah was supposed to be smiling & showing me his Lightening McQueen,
I got him showing me his cars instead:).
This is Noah 95% of the time he's in hand.
Blowing out his candles.
I know, my cake is a little bit sad, but like my sweet
friends there said, he'll know who it is & that's
all that matters;).

Abby being cute with Sam:).


Noah enjoying his presents.
I put the wrong pic on here, but the one I
had wanted to put up had Noah holding all the gifts
he had already opened & trying to figure
how to open the next w/out putting the others down.
Mostly cars of course.
Yes, those are tears.
I made him sit still for a picture.
We gave Noah a hotwheels big boy bike for his birthday.
"Is that NoNo's bike. Whoooa. I gike it!"
He really is so good at riding it. From just about the moment he got on!
...with training wheels of course.
Also, the adults had so much fun on the bounce house! It was awesome!
We ran timed obstacle courses at the end. I soooo wish I had pictures of that!
Thank you to all of our family & friends that came to play with us on Noah's 3rd
birthday! He had SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for all of his sweet goodies too!
Happy 3rd birthday Mister NoNo!
Love you tons!