Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sam & The Last Three + Months...

Sam has been quite a handful. He has reflux and busted our chops quite a bit for the 1st 2 & 1/2 months. He is now on prevacid & is quite a little cutie & is SO MUCH HAPPIER!!!!! Which makes the Mama & the Papa & the Morgan & Noah much, much happier. He also was sick for about 6 weeks with something like RSV. The poor little guy used a nebulizer for about a month.

So now, Samuel Lorrin is a sweet, happy little boy. He loves to smile & gets the cutest little grin on his face when he 1st wakes up & sees you. He also can breath out his's amazing how much happier that makes a little one:). Right now he's loving chatting up a storm & blowing raspberries. And Papa says he especially loves the Milk Lady right now....he smiles at her the most:).

@ 2 weeks old
1 month

7 weeks old
(1st smile caught on camera:))

7 weeks old

2 months
This is how is looked while is was sick.
2 months
Trying to smile through the sickness.
Pretty dang cute:).
Isaac with Sam on one of his many breathing treatments.
Just over 2 months old.

Mom with Sam doing the same.
2 and 1/2 months.

10 weeks old
I LOVE this picture:).

10 1/2 weeks.

Getting ready for the game!
Go cougs!
Just over 11 weeks.
3 months old
LOVE this little crinkly nose.
3 months old.
So cute.

Sam just last week.
Taken on 11/15/09.
Such a handsome boy!!!!
Noah holding baby Sam.
He's finally really liking him since he's stopped crying so much.
Now Noah tells me when he's crying & says
"Mama, baby's kcryin. Let's go find. Aww, it's otay baby Sam."
Never thought that day would come:).
Had to take a pic of his Halloween outfit.
He was at least willing to cooperate:).
Even if it was taken 2 weeks after Halloween.
Morgan with Sammy.
She's always loved him.
Tears or not.
She used to just immitate him & laugh.
My 1st attempt at all 3 of my angels.
So cute:).
SO many sleepless nights later. We have a super handsome, cute, happy boy...that has joined our other 2 cuties! Whew. I look forward to the sleeping through the night sometime again in the near future. We are so glad that he is healthy again & his reflux is under control. He had us pretty scared there for a little while, in more ways than one:). Thank you so much for joining our family Wiggly Fuzzy Bear. We love you!

Monday, November 9, 2009

What a Year...

I'm just not sure about how I've really been feeling lately. My emotions are everywhere. When I think about it, I guess it really has been a bit of a crazy year and I think it's finally caught up with me.

A pregnancy...much easier than Noah's, but still sick until about 20 weeks.

Morgan's surprise surgery, recovery & rehab.

All of us being apart from Isaac for almost 3 months this summer, except for one weekend. And Isaac coming home about 2 and 1/2 weeks before our baby.

The c-section, recovery & new baby who is also colicky & has reflux.

Sam being sick for over 2 months. Not sleeping & on a nebulizer. Although he is much better now, he's still not allowed to be out & about in closed spaces with lots of people.

Morgan having more seizures again. Trying to get her back & adjusted on a medication.

Noah is so cute, but he is getting such a mouth. Lots of time outs for this little man. And boy does he like to find pens & scribble all over my couches with them.

Isaac having issues with work & having to go out & work again.

Issues with insurance. Not only will an individual policy obviously not cover Morgan but me as well.

Losing a really close family friend & grieving. And watching his family grieve & suffer his loss.

Having baby blues & trying to make myself get out and exercise.

HATING my body after 3 babies.

Too tired and have no time to beautify & make myself a better person.

Being along with all 3 kids while Isaac is out working again.

Halloween was a nightmare. There are no pictures from this night. Morgan cried & had tantrums through the 1st 30 minutes...then we had about 20 minutes of everyone being happy...then Noah freaks out screaming & kicking & doesn't want to trick or treat & he doesn't want to leave.

And let me tell you how sick I am of trying to get my children to eat right now. After making dinner & listening to the baby scream the entire time I'm doing so, having them not eat. Urgh!!!! And having to threaten every bite with going to their room & the final threat of going to bed right then. I so followed through with that threat last night.

And I am so tired of feeling all alone. I feel like I harass my neighbors & family here. Asking them for help...which I am so not good at. I have most definitely gotten better at it this year.

I really can't do too much with Sam still & I'm scared to have Noah go & play places because of getting sick & bringing it home. Morgan going to public school with lots of germs. Oh, how gross it is to see her push on her actual wheels on her chair & then touch her face & lick her hand. YUCK!

I'm done, I need a vacation. I'm exhausted. I'm emotionally drained. I miss my family who live on the east coast. And miss my best friend who works & then is trying to figure out what he's going to do with his career while he's at home. Boys are so not good at talking on the phone.

And my dang baby won't take a bottle.

Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah, all I want to do is crawl under my covers, watch T.V., try & sleep maybe & eat everything in sight. This will so help me with the issues I'm having with my body.

And debt. Bills, bills, & more bills.

And always wishing that your daughter could talk & understand more & run & play with the other kids.

....and the year isn't over yet.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Called Home

I have struggled the last 2 days with the words that can do this great man justice.

Naki Maile, passed away on Friday morning due to a heart condition he didn't even know he had. I cannot believe how quick life can be taken from you with no warning.

Naki adored his wife & six girls. He is one of our family's closest friends. SO caring, so giving, so loving. Isaac & Naki played ball together at BYU. Naki & Abby have been our friends since college. When we were goobers & didn't have our lives straight & then when we were sealed in the temple for time & all eternity. He & his sweet family were always there when we needed a visit after a surgery with Morgan, (Morgan loves him & Abby & the girls:)) brought us meals, treats, came to our children's blessings, & of course we visited just because sometimes. We love this family so, so much. Naki is truly an amazing man. His whole family is.

I will always remember Naki's smile & laugh & the way he loved his family & ours.

Life is fragile. You really never know when you will be called home. Let's all make a difference in the lives of those around us & use Naki's shining example.
If any of you can help this sweet, sweet family who so desperately needs help at this time, please do. Prayers, good thoughts, lots of love & donations. If you can donate, donate anything, please visit .

Naki you were called home too soon. You will be greatly missed. Your girls will be taken care of & loved by all.

Abby, I love you. I have always looked up to you. You are a beautiful & strong woman. A terrific mother & those gorgeous girls are so, so lucky to have you. You can do this & we are there if you ever need anything. Our prayers are with you Abby & the girls always. Abby, Line, Malia, Lose, Eli, Eva, & Ane...WE LOVE YOU & are always here for you.

We are so blessed to have had you in our lives Naki. We will see you again.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Triple M

In all of the craziness of Isaac being gone & getting ready for a birthday party & a new baby...I forgot to post about Morgan Mae's birthday! And I cannot forget about her SIXTH birthday!

Morgan Mae was a surprise that came with surprises, just 6 months after we were married. Antibiotics cancel birth control:). They told us from the get go that if would more than likely be a miscarriage. I hemoraged at 8 weeks, 17 weeks, & 30 weeks.

At 20 weeks, they found her bilateral cleft lip & palate...nothing else. That didn't take very long to get over & find the right surgeon, even before she was born.

At 25 weeks while Isaac was with the Raiders in California, I went to our new high risk doctor in Maryland. The lady asked if we had ever had any Down's counseling.(Down Syndrome). No, we had not. The doctor then came in & preceeded to tell us of half of her complications. The others to be found out after she was born.

We were told she would more than likely not live to be born & definitely not more than 1 year.

Isaac was released from the Raiders, so he was home for our 1st lamaze class & jokingly I said, she'll probably be a c-section, along with everything else.

Sure enough, we just started to clear out a room at my parent's house, when I started hemoraging. We rushed to the hospital. I was hooked up to magnesium & was given 2 steroid shots for her lungs, just in case. Well, the contractions wouldn't stop & neither would the bleeding. And that caused the start of placenta previa.

Morgan Mae was born by emergency c-section at 3:35 a.m. on July 31st.

At 30 weeks and 5 days, Morgan was 3 lbs & 10 oz & 16 inches long.

Everyday when we would visit her in the NICU, they would tell us about something else that hadn't developed properly. We knew about the cleft lip & palate & the dialated ventricles in her brain, but not about her heart defect, all the parts in her brain that didn't divide or develop, her congenital scoliosis, her eye problems.... and all the premie issues too(to name a few). Then one of the sweet doctors said to me "But look at her. Look at all the things that did go her way."

Morgan has had 6 craniofacial surgeries, open heart surgery, 2 orthopedic surgeries, 3 others--(ears, hemangioma, cyst removal), & botox & phenyl injections for spasticity. She also started having seizures a couple months before she turned 2. And has been under anesthesia or sedation more times than I can count.

Morgan has a wonderful personality & you would never know about her many struggles & challenges in life. She would hug & give loves to anyone. She truly sees people's souls & has no idea about scary or strange appearances.

Morgan is the most determined, stubborn, social, & sweetest little girl I know.
And she's absolutely beautiful. That curly blonde hair & those long dark eye lashes!

That is why she is our Triple M. Our Mircle Morgan Mae.

We are eternally grateful for your willingness to come down to us & show us what life is all about.

Happy 6th Birthday Miracle Morgan Mae!!!!

My Noah

"Mama...Mama. iiickers(stickers)."
"What did you say Noah?"
"Maamaa, ook(look) ickers."
"Ooohh, cool stickers."
"Can you please show Mama where you got your stickers?:)"
There goes the book of my brand new 1st class stamps.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sam's Big Day

So, I can finally blog, or do anything for that matter. Morgan is now in 1st grade! So a full day of school for her & yes, we have some fun Morgan stories for you. Another day:). And both of my sweet boys are taking naps at the same time!!! I actually got in the shower before 5 p.m. Haven't done anything about getting ready for the day, but I'm clean:)!


Here is Sam's big debut! It started the day before with me being sick all day. Little did I know it probably meant I was in labor...along with the fact of when he came out his ears & nose were squooshed. That's okay, he's here & safe, busting our chops & waking us up at all hours. And we love him to pieces!

August 7th, 2009
On our way out the door to the hospital at 5:45 a.m.
(and yes, that's water on my shorts. my hubby is a
duck at the sink & he got there before me:))
Me, minutes before I get in the gown & they start to
draw blood & get the I.V. in. Well on the 4th try they did.
Being sick & dehydrated the day before does not help.
My bruises are almost gone:).
Sweet Sam's arrival.
Samuel Lorrin Herring
8 lbs 11 oz 22 inches long
He had a bit of a hard time breathing at 1st.
Here they are sucking out amniotic fluid.
Not sure how he feels about this place.

Still not sure...especially with the poking.

Calming down a wee bit.
This is right before I get to hold him for the 1st time,
in the surgical room. I could not believe how much bigger
he looked than Noah!
They brought him to me right after I was wheeled in my room.
Only to tell me I could only keep him for 5 minutes.
He came in on a monitor.
They called our pediatrician to come check him out.
He got some xrays & he didn't have to get hooked up
to the cpap machine:)! Thank goodness!
Big Brother & Big Sister coming to see their little
brother for the 1st time(& Grammy...she's taking the pic).
And bringing their Mama flowers.
Oh how I love my babies! Even the big one:).
Isaac always remembers to bring new Mama's flowers.
He is a keeper....most days:)
It was also SO NICE, having our home so close to the
hospital so Isaac could go back & forth taking care
of our other 2 monkeys at home. Thank you Isaac,
for all that you do:). I love you!

Noah hugging me & holding Sam.

Noah's investigating lasted about 2 minutes
before he asked if he could watch a dinosaur moo-mee.(movie)

Morgan so excited to meet her new little brother!

Miss Mo hugging Sam.
She also held on to me everytime she came to visit
for a good 20 minutes. Momma's don't love that
at all:).
Sam's cute little mush-pie face.
Look at all that hair!!!

1st pic of Papa, Mama & Sam.

Grammy, Mama & Sam.
Thank you so much for all your help with the kiddos Mom!
We love you!!!
Tommy & Colby & family visiting us & new little Sam!
Little Gabby in the middle & Lydia behind.

The MacDonald's greeted Sam into the world by
singing "I am a Child of God".
So sweet.
Packing up Sam while Papa loads up the car
to GO HOME:)!!!

Welcome Home Sam!

Later that day, enjoying being home, outside.
Such a handsome boy!

Welcome to the world Samuel Lorrin Herring!
We are so glad you're a part of our family!
We love you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

HoLy MoLy!!!

49 days left until our baby boy is here!!!
and less than that until we see Papa!:)
So ready to be together as a family again!!!
We miss you Isaac!!! We can't wait to see you!!!
(it's still weeks away, but still, the end is near!)
~and seriously, how come the last couple weeks of your pregnancy,
you can honestly stand in front of the mirror & watch your tummy grow?!~

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hogle Baby

And our last trip, the Hogle Zoo! The kids had so much fun. And it was a beautiful day! We spent time together, ate a picnic lunch(that Isaac made us---yum:)!), & ate kettle corn on the way home:).

Noah loved these baby birds.
He can't say goslings yet:).
The Momma's were very tolerant
of kids following around their babies.

This elephant that makes noises
that the kids are sitting on & by, still scare
begebees out of them.

Huge elephant skull.

Noah harassing the baby birds
some more.

Who doesn't love the carousel??:)!

Some ladies walked by while Isaac was seeing
how he measured up & said the gorilla has nothing on him:).

Miss Mo being incredibly cute.
And Noah too:).

Huge silverback gorilla.

One of the sweetest little orangatans ever.
He kept motioning for us to come see him.
And a beautiful peacock.

One of Morgan's favorite parts:).
One of Noah's favorite parts:).
The choo-choo ride.
And my favorite part.
Being together as a family:)!