Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Isaac & I met 10 years ago as freshman at Brigham Young University. Isaac was an amazing offensive linemen & I was a pretty good swimmer at BYU. We knew each other from the weight room, mutual friends & had some of the same classes. Whenever I would run into Isaac on campus he would give me the most amazing bear hug that would make me melt. We always were dating different people & just enjoyed each other's company & LOOKS, & didn't even know it. Until, my roommate thought she would make the moves on Isaac at a party & it dawned on me at the moment that was NOT OKAY. A couple months later, Isaac called me & that was that. We were inseparable & were married 7 months later. Isaac, your mom called us soulmates & said that we were meant for one another & meant to be together. She is so right. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for asking me to be your wife.

Happy 1st Birthday Noah

We cannot imagine our lives without him. We are so grateful & blessed that you came into our lives. Your first few months were rough with all the reflux & crying. Your Papa kept telling you that you were a good boy until it finally worked! Noah you are so much fun & we love you! Happy FIRST birthday Noah Linwood Herring!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wow, Another Post!

It only took me 3 months & some help from a friend to finally sit down & figure out this blogging business! Yes, some of you would say it's not that difficult, but me & my friend Cami started trying to post pictures over 3 hrs ago! Firefox would not download my pictures to my blog page! So, we switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer and voila, I'm posting! Yey! Thank you Cami & Internet Explorer!
So, this picture of our sweet family is at the zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. The Henry Villa Zoo was very fun for the kids & it had a sweet park right outside of it. But of course our children thought the best part about the zoo was this rope & I thought the craziest part was when our friend James jumped over the rope & touched the Rhino's behind! I could not believe it!
We are having fun being away from Utah this summer, but moving from Utah to Wisconsin, then to Pennsylvania a month later was not so fun. It's so nice to be so close to my family...only a little over 2 hrs! So hopefully I will get to see them lots more this summer, which I am very excited about!
And I love that the pant leg on little Noah is stuck in his leg chub! So cute! And that Morgan Mae thinks that the rope is just as fun as Noah does! Love to all!

A Few More Pictures From Henry Villa Zoo...

The kids had so much fun here with their friends, old & young! One of the best parts is that this zoo was FREE! This was Noah's 1st time going to the zoo & seeing all the critters. He LOVED feeding the goats & watching the seals, otter & turtles. Morgan Mae of course had a blast. Miss Happy to go with you anywhere as long as you take her! Especially if Papa is a part of it all!
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