Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My HeRo

Does anyone else notice these GoRGeOUs roses!!!!??!!!!
So last Tuesday, I had this knock on my door at 10 o'clock. I thought it was my cute neighbor & her daughter coming over because we had plans to make goodies, but it was a man hiding behind these BEAUTIFUL roses!!! I signed for them, said thank you, & brought them inside. And then I immediately started crying as I was opening up my little note. Something as simple as "Erin, I miss you tons. I love you, Isaac." Ohmigosh, I was done for.

For those of you who don't know, Isaac sells security systems in the summer. Well, it's supposed to be just for the summer, but with bad areas that were picked & the economy, it has turned into November now. So we have been together as a family for 4 weeks since the beginning of July! This last trip has been the hardest for us both. I miss him terribly. I need him.

Isaac, you are my hero. You would give a hand to whoever's in need & would give them whatever you could. You are a terrific father who loves to be involved in his children's lives. A husband who is more loving than I deserve. You are an amazing man. You have never once made me question that you can provide for our sweet family. You have made it possible for me to stay home with our most prized possessions. You are the love of my life. I miss you. I love you. I can't wait to see you!


The rule is you can't clean up or organize ANYTHING(so mean). Just take the picture "as is"---NO CHEATING!!!!

1.) A place I have always wanted to go. I don't know where this is exactly, but I want to go there!!! Anywhere that's tropical, secluded, has beaches & the sound of waves.
2.) Kitchen sink--After breakfast & pumpkin chocolate chip cookies made the night before.
3.) Fridge---with magnets that Noah has thrown on the ground:).
4.) My Laundry Room--yes I hang up a bizzillion clothes because we're big & I don't want them to shrink!
5.) The Toilet
6.) Our Ginormous Closet
7.) Favorite RoomS--One day we will have a fireplace! And once you've had a toy room, you won't want to be without one!!!

8.) My favorite shoes---I'm most definitely a flip-flop & ugg boot kinda girl.
9.) Self-Portrait--Scary, I know. Look at what my kids have to look at everyday! No make-up & sweats & tired of course.
10.) Pet--Cute little 6 yr old Niki!
Just so you know, you know who you are :). This is a kinda mean for those who are not good housekeepers & that wear sweats all the time:). Love you anyways though.
Now I tag Tara, Emilee, & Melissa B.(I wanna see your house)! Have FUN Ladies:).

Monday, November 10, 2008


I was tagged by Jodi:). This is the 2nd picture in my 2nd folder. I did cheat though...it really is my 2nd picture in my 3rd folder. The other one was of a tree being taken down at my parent's house...& no one really wants to see that:). Anywhoo, this the summer that Morgan turned 3. Look at how teeny tiny she is!!! She's getting big way too fast!!!

SuMMeR 2006
These pics were also taken from
that summer. Morgan was just
discovering how to really eat Oreos
at Grammy's house!

I now tag Bugs, Cami & McKenna. 4th folder 10th picture. Try not to cheat girls:).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Photo Session:)

Last weekend, right before Isaac left(again), he sacrificed the BYU football game so we could have some family pictures taken. Thank you honey! I love you!(not that it was much to miss with the way BYU has been playing lately!) AnYwAys... It was such a gorgeous day. Morgan was grumpy, but we still managed to get some great shots. Noah was Mr. Flirtatious & had a ball getting chased around & having his pictures taken. Thank you Kristin for picking our family & taking such cute pictures of us too! We absolutely cannot wait to see the rest! Check out her blog page... http://paisleyphotoart.blogspot.com/

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For....

On Halloween, Morgan Mae got all dressed up & headed off to school. This is a picture of her with her bus driver, Nancy and bus aide, Shirley. They love Miss Mo and are so cute with her! They sing songs with her if she gets upset & have toys on the bus:).

This is Noah Halloween morning. We were on our way back from the gym & I asked him if he was ready for trick or treating. You'd think by the look on his face that he really knew what I was asking him!!!

Now Presenting...

MiCkEy & MiNNiE

Random fun pics! I love the little black dots on their noses! I love these babies!

How cute are they?!
Papa wanted to take them somewhere fun while they
were all dressed up! McDonald's drive-thru
here we come!
They LOVE love their cheeseburgers!
The Fairy Princess Niki.
Aunt Adrielle, Uncle Matt & Clare came by too!
Princess Fiona, Shrek & Puss-n-Boots:)
Sweetest little Minnie EveR!

Practicing Trick OR Treat.

Playing Peek-a-Boo through her Abby Cadabby!
(Morgan picked out her treats holder:))
Noah's was the Hulk(Isaac picked it out:))
Noah does a super sweet Hulk interpretation!
We had so much fun treat or treating with our little rascals! I think they had fun too! Noah fell in multiple doors while he was knocking on them & Papa picked up Morgan & took her up some houses so she could knock too! She loved that! She could have gone in & socialized at every door! The last few doors Noah was so done knocking. Once he got a big sucker, he reached in & started eating a Crunch Bar too. He told us "Aaa Do"(all done) at every house after that:). Then we went to our friends the Harwards' house. Thanks guys, we had so much fun!!! We had a blast & we most definitely have the cutest MiCkEy & MiNNiE anywhere!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spooktacular Indeed

Thursday, October 30th, we went to the coolest house up in Lindon. I mean this house had a pool with a waterfall, a built in train track around the yard(even in the cement), in ground trampoline, amazing entertaining outside, a field for soccer or whatever else...I know I'm forgetting lots of somethings. And all the entertainment was free!!!

You start out by going through a little gate, head off to the left & through a tent. Inside there was...
The little electricity ball.
And a really cool bubble machine.
The bubbles were white & when they
popped, they turned to smoke!

Then while waiting in line for the train ride,
you have this little crazy fella shakin around.
Then we took some pics of each other while
we waited some more for the train & movie!
Thanks for coming & hanging out with us
Ben, Jenny, & BrookLynn!

Then we got into their sweet garage &
watched Nightmare Before Christmas.
On a huge screen with a projector!
And ate our yum yum popcorn.
(Morgan loved the lady in front of us
& kept saying hi to her. And could
& would not stop giving her hugs!)
Momma, Papa & Noah on the train ride.
There are no more pics here on out except
the very end. It scared the doo-doo
out of Noah...who was clutched
to me whining the whole time.
But he wouldn't let me cover his face!
Morgan just giggled as she rode with Uncle Ben:).
It was scary with all the people in masks
jumping out at you!
The crew.
Morgan & Noah would not look at the lady
taking the picture. They were way too busy
checking out the guy, in a mask, bent over fixing
the train track. He was not trust worthy.
Can't wait to see what Noah thinks of Santa Clause.
Morgan likes him. He gets hugs too!

We Woke Up To...

SNOW !!!
Yes folks, it's already here!

And this guy :).

(Morgan's already on the bus:)!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Starts with a...

And a bath right after an explosion...
Get out those punkins ladies & gents...
It's time to paint & carve!
Holy, what is that?!
I think I'll eat it!
(If i was a true blogger, I would
have gotten the picture before I
scooped the paint out of his mouth!)
Painting like crazy! Tray, face, arms, hair & all!
And a little bit on the pumpkin!

Finished products!

(As noted there is one more pumpkin than people.
That would be because I had a tantrum. Isaac
carved his while I helped the kids paint & I didn't
want to carve one by myself:) )
Also, these are our 2nd batch of pumpkins...
our 1st met the street the week before!