Friday, November 7, 2008

The Moment You've All Been Waiting For....

On Halloween, Morgan Mae got all dressed up & headed off to school. This is a picture of her with her bus driver, Nancy and bus aide, Shirley. They love Miss Mo and are so cute with her! They sing songs with her if she gets upset & have toys on the bus:).

This is Noah Halloween morning. We were on our way back from the gym & I asked him if he was ready for trick or treating. You'd think by the look on his face that he really knew what I was asking him!!!

Now Presenting...

MiCkEy & MiNNiE

Random fun pics! I love the little black dots on their noses! I love these babies!

How cute are they?!
Papa wanted to take them somewhere fun while they
were all dressed up! McDonald's drive-thru
here we come!
They LOVE love their cheeseburgers!
The Fairy Princess Niki.
Aunt Adrielle, Uncle Matt & Clare came by too!
Princess Fiona, Shrek & Puss-n-Boots:)
Sweetest little Minnie EveR!

Practicing Trick OR Treat.

Playing Peek-a-Boo through her Abby Cadabby!
(Morgan picked out her treats holder:))
Noah's was the Hulk(Isaac picked it out:))
Noah does a super sweet Hulk interpretation!
We had so much fun treat or treating with our little rascals! I think they had fun too! Noah fell in multiple doors while he was knocking on them & Papa picked up Morgan & took her up some houses so she could knock too! She loved that! She could have gone in & socialized at every door! The last few doors Noah was so done knocking. Once he got a big sucker, he reached in & started eating a Crunch Bar too. He told us "Aaa Do"(all done) at every house after that:). Then we went to our friends the Harwards' house. Thanks guys, we had so much fun!!! We had a blast & we most definitely have the cutest MiCkEy & MiNNiE anywhere!


The Kadz Family said...

Ridiculously Cute!!

scott and tara said...

I really have been waiting to see these pics! They are adorable! Thanks for sharing since I didn't get to see them all dressed up that night. Cutest Mickey and Minnie ever! We're lucky they're our neighbors :)

The Johnson Family said...

Oh my goodness- cutest kiddos ever! I love it!

mckenna said...

Guess what!! I'm sitting right next to you and commenting!! Mwahahahahaha!!

P.S. Yeah, they're kind of adorable. :)

chadandsydney said...

I am so glad you put those up. So cute!!!

Brad and Emilee said...

Too Cute.