Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The rule is you can't clean up or organize ANYTHING(so mean). Just take the picture "as is"---NO CHEATING!!!!

1.) A place I have always wanted to go. I don't know where this is exactly, but I want to go there!!! Anywhere that's tropical, secluded, has beaches & the sound of waves.
2.) Kitchen sink--After breakfast & pumpkin chocolate chip cookies made the night before.
3.) Fridge---with magnets that Noah has thrown on the ground:).
4.) My Laundry Room--yes I hang up a bizzillion clothes because we're big & I don't want them to shrink!
5.) The Toilet
6.) Our Ginormous Closet
7.) Favorite RoomS--One day we will have a fireplace! And once you've had a toy room, you won't want to be without one!!!

8.) My favorite shoes---I'm most definitely a flip-flop & ugg boot kinda girl.
9.) Self-Portrait--Scary, I know. Look at what my kids have to look at everyday! No make-up & sweats & tired of course.
10.) Pet--Cute little 6 yr old Niki!
Just so you know, you know who you are :). This is a kinda mean for those who are not good housekeepers & that wear sweats all the time:). Love you anyways though.
Now I tag Tara, Emilee, & Melissa B.(I wanna see your house)! Have FUN Ladies:).


chadandsydney said...

Mean A??? Well I loved that you did it!!! You have the cutest house. Thanks for playing along with me...See you soon

Erin and Family said...

well maybe not mean...but an another eye opener & reason for keeping your house clean!!!! it was still fun:)

The Johnson Family said...

Erin, I think you look GorgeousO!! And your house looked great, most of all I hear you about hanging things to dry! My laundry room is always covered in things hanging out! I think we big people are great!