Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kindergarten, Turkey & Stay Tuned...

Another thing that I didn't realize is that when your child goes to school, being kindergarten & all, that I would have so much homework. Come on. Morgan signs. I worked on a poster for her for school today until 3:30 in the morning!!! I forgot & things have been crazy with Isaac gone. So I've been even more forgetful than usual!!! I did not want her to feel left out. Well I don't think I've ever been so happy that I stayed up so late. Her teacher wrote me a note today that said "... she was very excited to show everyone & do the signs to all of her favorite things:)." She had so much fun showing the class her poster & signing all of her favorite things! Some of those being: BUTTERFLIES, BALLS, PHONES, CARS, HATS, OREOS, CHEETOS, POPCORN, etc. etc. I'm sure she also had fun when Ms. Thurlow, her teacher, talked about what else was on her poster, ROLLER COASTERS!!! Morgan Mae loves them!!! I am so relieved that I remembered!!!

Morgan Mae's class made red hats for red ribbon week at school today & Morgan won a prize for having one of the best hats! A Hello Kitty bag with little notebook paper in it!! So fun!!! How much do you think she loved that?! It of course was red & had butterflies on it & to top it all off....it was a HAT!!!

A new Noah story... One night last week, we were eating dinner pretty late & it was bed time. Right before bed is crazy time in our house....probably thanks to me:). I love chasing them around at night, it's so stinkin fun to get them laughing so hard!!! Anyways, Noah could not sit still. Grabbing onto his tray, shaking it, beating it, laughing, kicking around...being super silly! So, I took him in the bathroom to wash his hands & face & he was literally climbing up my side laughing hysterically. Grabbing my shirt & shaking me( you know, kind of like the Jack-Jack in the Incredibles, when Syndrome is trying to take him away, on the plane, away from his parents.) So I'm laughing hysterically too trying to wash him up over the sink & he is trying to turn around & crawl up me & do the Jack-Jack again. I told him" Dude, you're being crazy. You are such a turkey!" No joke, he turned to me, gave me a slobbery kiss, started laughing & said"tuuuu--key!" I was in total shock, laughing. And I asked him if he really said turkey. He said it 2 more times & hasn't said it since. I was seriously dying. Kids are so fun!!!

And last but not least, I finally got more pics to post from this summer(Thanks Mom:)). Morgan's bday, Vermont trip, Santa's Village...and lots of the pool. Stay tuned for more fun pics! And a little tribute to Morgan, it being her 5th birthday & all:).

Friday, October 3, 2008


Miss Morgan, Noah, & myself all went to Hogle Zoo a few days back. And we had cousins with us! Yey! McKenna & her 2 kids Payson & Jack.

The 1st things we saw were these cute monkeys looking at each other through the ropes.

I promise, Noah & Morgan did have a fun time. I just didn't capture it on film:). It's way hard when your by yourself to get good pictures & show them all the critters! Jack & Noah did have fun jumpin up & down in their seats & hooting at the monkeys! Miss Morgan didn't care too much about the animals this trip. All she wanted was to eat Payson & Jack's snacks:).
If any of you have been to Hogle Zoo, you've probably seen this tiger pacing back & forth at the top, licking his chops watching those sheep.

It was so fun watching this little momma monkey & her baby. She would just hold out her arm so he wouldn't fall while he was playing on the rocks & continue to eat & go on with her business. It seriously is so similar to us! Very cool to watch!

What cute kids! This elephant spooked them a bit when it shot the water out it's trunk & did it's elephant sounds. Morgan & Noah were not sure how close they wanted to be to it:).
Noah also at one point was allowed to escape the stroller & helped me push & chased the turkeys & peacocks....then started running the opposite direction down the hill laughing.
Thanks for the invite McKenna! We had so much fun at the zoo, eating lots of pizza & playing at the Herring house with you, Payson & Jack:)!