Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaKEd PuMpKiNs, CoSTumes, HaLLowEEn tRain & PiRatEs

Painting pumpkins.
It is a tradition in our house. Cleaning, scrubbing, Papa carves, and they get stripped down for naked pumpkin painting. There's a little bit of eating & wearing paint too:).

Halloween Train.
The kids love, love, love this. We've done it 2 years now & it's FREE & so much fun! They all wanted to go again! Morgan & Sam cried when we left & Noah talked about the Halloween train for days:). And the pictures taken at the end of that night...hilarious & PRICELESS:).

School Costume PARTAYS!
Noah was so excited to wear his Iron Man to pre-school. He said for days after, "I wore my iron man, huh mama. I get to wear it tomorrow huh." Asking again & again to wear it to school. And Morgan at school when I went to visit, cried everytime she saw me & the camera because I wouldn't give it to her. Silly, moody girls:). And Sam was just having fun with the MaMa.

And Trick or Treating...
It was cold & raining like crazy! We went to about 5 houses & then took them to Pirate Island for dinner & games in their costumes. It was super fun & the kiddos had a blast!

Happy Belated HaLLowEEn everyone:)!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One of MY Favorite Things

Betos People. Betos. Well, Rancheritos now.
Super Nachos.
2 pounds, yes i weighed them...
of homemade, chips, guacamole, pico, refried beans, steak upon steak,
& the most fattening sour cream out there.
Whenever i'm stressed or wanting to pig out or just feel like it.
It is a great bargaining chip in my house too.
I LOVE YOU my delicious friend.

Oh, and their carne asada tacos & fish tacos ain't bad either:).