Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are definitely having a BOY!!!!!!
And he looks as healthy as can be:)!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Wonder...

Are we having a boy or a girl??!! We have our ultrasound tomorrow. Yey! What do you guys think??!!

And Morgan Mae started riding the bus & going back to school yesterday! I asked her yesterday morning when I was getting her out of bed "Do you want to go to school today?? And ride the bus??!!" Morgan was so excited and answered with a very enthusiastic smile & signing yes. She is doing great! She started screaming "Hi!!!" to her bus driver & aide as soon as we got out our front door! She gets her cast off on April 6th & only takes motrin twice a day now! It's so nice to see her pink, rosy cheeks back & her cute little laugh & tons of smiles:)!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Morgan's Home!!!

Hello Everyone!

Our sweet Morgan Mae was came home from Primary Children's Hospital this Monday. We got home at about 3 or 4 p.m. :). We would have been home earlier, but after the trama of the epidural & catheter being taken out on Sunday & then the I.V. & sticky leads all over her chest Monday morning. She slept for 3 hours during the time we could take her! Poor girl! She wouldn't take good naps before. She had to keep her eyes on you & then doctors, nurses & the techs come in all day long. And she had to check out their name badges everytime. Isaac started saying "She's just checking your credentials". Morgan just had to make sure that they really knew what they were doing & their pictures on their badges were really them:). And of course, Morgan charmed everyone who entered her room when she was feeling okay. Hi's, hugs, kisses & butterflies. She made lots of friends:). And just how sweet is Morgan Mae, she smiled, said hi & tried to give hugs to the lady who comes & takes their blood in the morning at FOUR THIRTY A.M., while being poked!!!!

So, Morgan is on valium & oxycodone. Leaving the hospital is pretty traumatic too. She does not like to be lifted or switch positions & both of those have to be done frequently for elevating different parts of the body & changing & preventing bed sores, etc. So getting put into the wagon with 20 pillows & then switched to the car with pillows packed all around was not so fun. Once she got settled though, she stared out the window, waving, saying hi & playing peek-a-boo. Morgan is so dang cute. She also kept pressing the palm of her hand against the window & had a ton of relief on her face. Like, "Oh, thank goodness!"

We wake up about 4 times during the night to give meds & switch positions. She really is doing well, all things considering. We made it past the 1st hump. The surgeon said the first 2-3 days is the worst & the next hump is 2 weeks. It's one week tomorrow. Almost 1/2 way for the next big hump of feeling better! We can't wait for her to stop being in pain & having her muscle spasms. That day will be beyond terrific.

She is such a little trooper! She will have on her pink spica body cast 1 month from when we left the hospital. Then therapy begins.

Morgan went to bed at about 9:30 last night. Woke up for a few minutes twice last night & then at 7:30 a.m., Isaac moved her to our king bed & she slept there until I woke her up for meds at 11 a.m. She fell back asleep a little after 12p.m. & is still sleeping! She's finally catching up on some sleep!

Noah is also very relieved to have his entire family home again. He goes looking for us all one by one to make sure we're all here. Had to check for Morgan multiple times yesterday. And we had to run in her room to see her even though she was falling asleep to give her kisses. Then, he was okay with playing with cars again:). Momma & Papa are not allowed out of his sight. Our 1st late afternoon home, the 3 of us were laying in the big bed while Morgan was asleep in the other room. He cuddles right between us, looks up & smiles hugging us & saying his cute little hugging noise. All is right in the world.

So we are home & trying to control Mo's pain. Everyone is sleeping a little better & surviving. It really is so nice to be home & be all together again. We'll take it day by day. Love to all.

(i'll post a couple pics later:))

Friday, March 6, 2009


So today was hard. Morgan was in alot of pain.

They tried to take her off of her epidural this morning & switch to oral pain medications, but it just wasn't enough. She started having & continues to have huge muscle spasms. The doctors & nurses say they are worse in children that deal with muscle spasticity such as those with cerebral palsy, like our sweet girl.

When they would get the pain under control a little bit, Morgan would start talking about butterflies & giving kisses until the meds were not enough again.

She is finally sleeping. Thanks to a bolus(sp?)given in her epidural & a nice big dose of valuum. Now we just have to get her pain & spasms under control so she can come home!

Noah was able to see his big sister today & Momma & Papa were in the room too. All seemed to be right with the world:). He's just so darn cute that someone gave him a brand new little doggy to pull behind him on a rope & did just that all around the hospital for quite a while today. Grammy also came up & sat with Mo for a while. And Aunt Elyse brought up some of the most beautiful butterfly balloons. And thank you to Dick & Teri for socializing with the Momma for a little bit & checking on sweet Morgan. Thank you all.

Thank you all again for all your love & prayers. We ask you to keep it up:). This recovery looks like it's gonna be a bear. We love all of you!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Whew! It's Over...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ...for all your prayers, fasting, well wishes & goodies!

Morgan Mae started surgery at about 7:50a.m. and was done at about 12:25p.m. A whole 4 & 1/2 (+)hours! Yes, that is a heck of a long time to wait for your little one who's in surgery!

She did great. The surgeon said it went beautifully. Her cast is huge & hot pink. She looks like she should be riding a pony.

If your curious about how great, by the time I got to the recovery room, the one their in before they go up to their private room, she was wide awake. As soon as she saw me, she said Mama. Morgan started talking about butterflies here & wanting a drink. The only little issue she had in recovery was body temp. She was a little cold. As we pushed upstairs, we met her Papa & she reached her arm out of the bed & waved hi. At 5 p.m., she ate a whole bowl of macaroni & cheese! Yes, the surgeon & anethesiologist said she wouldn't be hungry or thirsty until probably Saturday, maybe tomorrow! By the time I left at 6:30p.m. she was giggling, smiling, hugging everyone who entered her room, & of course, talking about butterflies! Isaac stayed for the night to help out with his sweet girl. Thank you for staying with her Isaac. We love you!

Now it's onto recovery. Morgan has an epidural & a pain pump to control the pain. They will start weaning her off of those & start oral pain meds & see how she does, maybe tomorrow. The other concern is swelling. So they are elevating & icing as much as they can. We get both of those under control & she doesn't get sick from the oral pain medications, maybe they'll let her come home early:). But at the latest, Monday or Tuesday.

YES...Morgan Mae is truly a miracle. She is absolutely amazing.

I came home to have dinner with Noah & Mom. He didn't want anything to do with dinner or me even talking to him. He just wanted me to know how he felt about things. He started balling as soon as I walked through the door. I guess he had been pretty upset since he woke up from his nap. He started out his day looking for "More-me"(morgan) & when he saw all the buses go past our house. I finally got him to sleep about 9:45p.m. He usually goes to sleep about 7:45p.m. Poor guy. I think he thought his day was harder than Morgan's!

So, back to Morgan, she did great! And we're all hoping that the healing & recovery goes as well as the surgery did!!!

And on another note, since she woke up from anethesia at about 1pm, she has been awake. At about 8:30 tonight, they finally gave her some valuum & everyone had to leave Ms. Social's room so she would go to sleep! Crazy girl!

We could never thank you enough for all your prayers & love & concern for our sweet girl & family! Love to all. I'm off to bed. This is one tired lady:).

(watching the movie Cars & twirling her hair. she's trying her best to stay awake & it was working:)