Friday, May 29, 2009

Hogle Baby

And our last trip, the Hogle Zoo! The kids had so much fun. And it was a beautiful day! We spent time together, ate a picnic lunch(that Isaac made us---yum:)!), & ate kettle corn on the way home:).

Noah loved these baby birds.
He can't say goslings yet:).
The Momma's were very tolerant
of kids following around their babies.

This elephant that makes noises
that the kids are sitting on & by, still scare
begebees out of them.

Huge elephant skull.

Noah harassing the baby birds
some more.

Who doesn't love the carousel??:)!

Some ladies walked by while Isaac was seeing
how he measured up & said the gorilla has nothing on him:).

Miss Mo being incredibly cute.
And Noah too:).

Huge silverback gorilla.

One of the sweetest little orangatans ever.
He kept motioning for us to come see him.
And a beautiful peacock.

One of Morgan's favorite parts:).
One of Noah's favorite parts:).
The choo-choo ride.
And my favorite part.
Being together as a family:)!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Trip

The kiddos & let's be honest the parents too, love going every year to see all of the new baby animals! The are all so brand new & sweet. We always have so much fun going together as a family.

This new calf was as cute as can be & got so excited to see the kiddos.
It jumped all around with excitement. He loved the grub & eating their clothes:).

Momma & Miss Mo.
And some of the goats.
The new pygmies are the cutest.

All 3 trapped in jail.
And Noah had to sit on this sheep.
He loves the little cartoon "Shaun the Sheep".

Noah & Morgan riding the ponies.
Noah's 1st time--he had a blast.
And Mo's 1st since her hip surgery.
She wasn't quite sure about sitting on the pony...
Isaac picked the skinniest one:). She was singing by the end.

Let's just leave 'em in jail.
They both threw a fit when we moved on from the play houses.
We also saw the horse & trailer ride, pigs, bunnies, ducks, chickens, peacocks and more. We had tons of fun!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Fun Family Outings:)

Before Papa left to do his summer sales, we were able to have some fun trips! We went to Park City during the snow storm here in APRIL!!! And also to Thanksgiving Point & Hogle Zoo! The kids had so much fun!

Let's start with Park City!

There was a super fun car ride up to Park City with toys & movies. That ended in eating the yummiest fire oven pizza EVER!!! Noah ate over 1/2 of his 14" pizza! He loved it! Morgan did not do so bad herself! And neither did Momma or Papa:). It seriously was so delicious!

Then there was lots of swimming for the next 3 days! So nice that there was an indoor pool that we could play in every morning for a couple hours before naps! The kids loved it! And it was so great to get Morgan moving her legs again in the water & sitting up on the edge. She has only been out of her cast for 1-2 weeks now. You should see the 6 inch incisions on that sweet girl's legs.

Papa & his crazy kids:).

The kids had so much fun NOT SLEEPING! Noah figured out how to get out of his pack n play! Morgan was so thrilled to have her crazy little brother climb into bed with her to wrestly with. They seriously giggled until 11:30 for 3 nights! Then zonked cuddling. Pretty darn cute:).

And since Isaac & my bed were taken over, we slept on the pull out sofa, by a real, wood stoked fire, watching the blizzard outside & movies that we brought. It was a fun way to celebrate Isaac finishing school too! We also hit up the outlets and had some fun there. It was a great way to get away & spend some time all together!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Little Monkey's TWO!!!

On May 11th our sweet Noah turned 2 YEARS OLD!!!! Seriously folks, where does the time go??

Noah at his 1st birthday.
The little Mister at his 2nd birthday!
We're waiting to do a party for Morgan & Noah in July when Papa gets back from work. Kind of a pre-baby, 3 birthday, Papa's home celebration!!!
So, me, Morgan & Noah went to the Disney Store for Noah's bday & Noah of course picked out the package of like 8 cars from the Cars Movie. He also had some fun clothes from Mimi & a mini matchbox garage that he loves. We had strawberry shortcake for dessert. He only wanted the strawberries of course. Where did this boy come from?? Fruit over dessert?:) I didn't even bother making a cake because he WON'T eat it!
We cannot imagine our lives without our sweet boy! He is so much fun & ALL BOY!!! He is talking up a storm & sometimes in complete sentences now! Some things, we can actually understand:). He's starting to ask "why?", and when I tell him to get back in the house he says "huh?!" LIKE HE CAN'T HEAR ME!?! Boys:). He still absolutely loves cars, trains, trucks, bikes & planes. He also loves stealing Niki's toy(our dog) & running all around everywhere while she chases him...laughing hysterically of course. Especially when she knocks him down & is on top of him with all 9 pounds of herself.

So our pediatrician's office has a train in the lobby. It has a button, on the wall, that you push & a train drives around the track up close to the ceiling. The whole time we're there, he's saying "choo-choo!! Gasp! Dubba du choo-choo! Yeah! Momma! CHoo-choo!!" Yes, he's crazy:)! So needless to say, Noah's 2 year check-up consisted of holding him down to get him down to his diaper & chasing him into the lobby multiple times in order to push that train button again while we were trying to get his weight, height & head sizes. He was 30.6 lbs & 37.5 inches tall. Yes, in the 75% for his weight(considering he can't sit still:)) & over the 100% line for his height:).