Friday, May 29, 2009

Hogle Baby

And our last trip, the Hogle Zoo! The kids had so much fun. And it was a beautiful day! We spent time together, ate a picnic lunch(that Isaac made us---yum:)!), & ate kettle corn on the way home:).

Noah loved these baby birds.
He can't say goslings yet:).
The Momma's were very tolerant
of kids following around their babies.

This elephant that makes noises
that the kids are sitting on & by, still scare
begebees out of them.

Huge elephant skull.

Noah harassing the baby birds
some more.

Who doesn't love the carousel??:)!

Some ladies walked by while Isaac was seeing
how he measured up & said the gorilla has nothing on him:).

Miss Mo being incredibly cute.
And Noah too:).

Huge silverback gorilla.

One of the sweetest little orangatans ever.
He kept motioning for us to come see him.
And a beautiful peacock.

One of Morgan's favorite parts:).
One of Noah's favorite parts:).
The choo-choo ride.
And my favorite part.
Being together as a family:)!


sarah said...

Such a fun day! My girls love the zoo too. We will have to hit Thanksgiving Point or the Gardens on of these days. Your kids are getting so big! When does Isaac leave?

julie said...

You are all too cute! Isaac is seriously bigger than a gorilla - that is hilarious! I still remember the first time I met him and he got down on the floor and played with my parents' tiny white fluffy puppy! I can't wait to see you!!

ashley whiting said...

Looks like so much fun! VERY excited for your new arrival :)