Thursday, June 18, 2009

HoLy MoLy!!!

49 days left until our baby boy is here!!!
and less than that until we see Papa!:)
So ready to be together as a family again!!!
We miss you Isaac!!! We can't wait to see you!!!
(it's still weeks away, but still, the end is near!)
~and seriously, how come the last couple weeks of your pregnancy,
you can honestly stand in front of the mirror & watch your tummy grow?!~


Abby said...

we are so so so super excited for you!

Bugs said...

wow. hang in there, good thing it's been pretty cool. enjoy it while you can.

The Kadz Family said...

I know about the growing thing. It's like I could see the stretch marks forming! Good Luck! I hope the next few weeks go by fast for you!

Lance and Becky said...

Oh my, I'm so excited for you! Not much longer, hang in there, and if you need anything please let us know, we'll be glad to help in any way!

Cami said...

can't wait for you guys to be together and for you little baby baby to come!!! I'm sure you look great, but i think you will have to put a picture of you on here so we can all see:)
give the kids hugs for us and have lots of fun with your family!

Megan said...

Love it when you can see a light at the end of the tunnel! I'm exhausted just thinking about being prego and a "single mom" of 2!
Thanks for your comments and prayers for Porter. By the way, we met someone in St. George that works with your husband and knows you guys...I can't remember their names! It is such a small world!

julie said...

Yay! Can't wait to see pictures of Baby "As-yet-un-named"! :)
I'll be praying that everything goes well.
I remember the worst thing was feeling my stomach stretch - ugh, creepy!

The Johnson Family said...

Ah!!! We are so excited for you guys and can't wait to hear that its all over! Hang in there Mama, just a little longer and hopefully you'll have another Isaac clone to look at! Your family is so awesome and another little one will just be more and more fun! We miss you guys SO much!