Friday, August 28, 2009

Sam's Big Day

So, I can finally blog, or do anything for that matter. Morgan is now in 1st grade! So a full day of school for her & yes, we have some fun Morgan stories for you. Another day:). And both of my sweet boys are taking naps at the same time!!! I actually got in the shower before 5 p.m. Haven't done anything about getting ready for the day, but I'm clean:)!


Here is Sam's big debut! It started the day before with me being sick all day. Little did I know it probably meant I was in labor...along with the fact of when he came out his ears & nose were squooshed. That's okay, he's here & safe, busting our chops & waking us up at all hours. And we love him to pieces!

August 7th, 2009
On our way out the door to the hospital at 5:45 a.m.
(and yes, that's water on my shorts. my hubby is a
duck at the sink & he got there before me:))
Me, minutes before I get in the gown & they start to
draw blood & get the I.V. in. Well on the 4th try they did.
Being sick & dehydrated the day before does not help.
My bruises are almost gone:).
Sweet Sam's arrival.
Samuel Lorrin Herring
8 lbs 11 oz 22 inches long
He had a bit of a hard time breathing at 1st.
Here they are sucking out amniotic fluid.
Not sure how he feels about this place.

Still not sure...especially with the poking.

Calming down a wee bit.
This is right before I get to hold him for the 1st time,
in the surgical room. I could not believe how much bigger
he looked than Noah!
They brought him to me right after I was wheeled in my room.
Only to tell me I could only keep him for 5 minutes.
He came in on a monitor.
They called our pediatrician to come check him out.
He got some xrays & he didn't have to get hooked up
to the cpap machine:)! Thank goodness!
Big Brother & Big Sister coming to see their little
brother for the 1st time(& Grammy...she's taking the pic).
And bringing their Mama flowers.
Oh how I love my babies! Even the big one:).
Isaac always remembers to bring new Mama's flowers.
He is a keeper....most days:)
It was also SO NICE, having our home so close to the
hospital so Isaac could go back & forth taking care
of our other 2 monkeys at home. Thank you Isaac,
for all that you do:). I love you!

Noah hugging me & holding Sam.

Noah's investigating lasted about 2 minutes
before he asked if he could watch a dinosaur moo-mee.(movie)

Morgan so excited to meet her new little brother!

Miss Mo hugging Sam.
She also held on to me everytime she came to visit
for a good 20 minutes. Momma's don't love that
at all:).
Sam's cute little mush-pie face.
Look at all that hair!!!

1st pic of Papa, Mama & Sam.

Grammy, Mama & Sam.
Thank you so much for all your help with the kiddos Mom!
We love you!!!
Tommy & Colby & family visiting us & new little Sam!
Little Gabby in the middle & Lydia behind.

The MacDonald's greeted Sam into the world by
singing "I am a Child of God".
So sweet.
Packing up Sam while Papa loads up the car
to GO HOME:)!!!

Welcome Home Sam!

Later that day, enjoying being home, outside.
Such a handsome boy!

Welcome to the world Samuel Lorrin Herring!
We are so glad you're a part of our family!
We love you!


The Kadz Family said...

He is so cute!! I wish we could see him too! Congratulations! I wish I looked that good at 9 months pregnant by the way!

mckenna said...

I can't believe you have THREE!! And three terribly beautiful babies, I must add! It was so fun to see you guys and meet little Sam, even if it wasn't for too long. Are you going to venture out Labor Day weekend to the Lethbridge reunion?! I sure hope so!!

Abby said...

He really is a keeper, isn't he. I guess that means he fits right in with the rest of y'all. Good luck with everything, Super Mom.

melissa mae said...

He's so cute, you guys! I'm glad he came safe and sound :)

ruth said...

so happy for you all. crazy and fun to see your family getting so big!

Suzanna H. said...

YAY! I'm so happy for you guys!

The Johnson Family said...

YAY!!! We are SO excited for you guys! He is just a doll and fits in the family perfectly! I am happy that he is finally here and everyone is doing well!

Erin said...

congratulations. what a cutie!

Megan said...

Congrats! You guys look great and I am so glad everything went well. Good luck with everything!

"The Beast Master" said...

aw, so sweet.

Cami said...

welcome back to the blogging world!!
ha (i was starting to skip over your link!jk) such cute pictures of little sam. it was so fun hanging out with you guys and hopefully we'll be able to come again soon. how is life with 3 kids!!? so much fun!?

Kates said...

He is a doll baby! I love the color of his hair! So glad he is here and safe and you are doing good. I can't wait for our little boy to get here! To bad we live far away now they could be such good little buddies!

Vogelsberg said...

Wow so cute !! Im going to be honest i had no idea you where even pregnant !! That is Awesome!! He is so cute !! We all need to get together again!!

ashley whiting said...

Congrats! He is precious and perfect! Such a cute little family you have! We love and miss you guys!