Sunday, October 18, 2009

Called Home

I have struggled the last 2 days with the words that can do this great man justice.

Naki Maile, passed away on Friday morning due to a heart condition he didn't even know he had. I cannot believe how quick life can be taken from you with no warning.

Naki adored his wife & six girls. He is one of our family's closest friends. SO caring, so giving, so loving. Isaac & Naki played ball together at BYU. Naki & Abby have been our friends since college. When we were goobers & didn't have our lives straight & then when we were sealed in the temple for time & all eternity. He & his sweet family were always there when we needed a visit after a surgery with Morgan, (Morgan loves him & Abby & the girls:)) brought us meals, treats, came to our children's blessings, & of course we visited just because sometimes. We love this family so, so much. Naki is truly an amazing man. His whole family is.

I will always remember Naki's smile & laugh & the way he loved his family & ours.

Life is fragile. You really never know when you will be called home. Let's all make a difference in the lives of those around us & use Naki's shining example.
If any of you can help this sweet, sweet family who so desperately needs help at this time, please do. Prayers, good thoughts, lots of love & donations. If you can donate, donate anything, please visit .

Naki you were called home too soon. You will be greatly missed. Your girls will be taken care of & loved by all.

Abby, I love you. I have always looked up to you. You are a beautiful & strong woman. A terrific mother & those gorgeous girls are so, so lucky to have you. You can do this & we are there if you ever need anything. Our prayers are with you Abby & the girls always. Abby, Line, Malia, Lose, Eli, Eva, & Ane...WE LOVE YOU & are always here for you.

We are so blessed to have had you in our lives Naki. We will see you again.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Triple M

In all of the craziness of Isaac being gone & getting ready for a birthday party & a new baby...I forgot to post about Morgan Mae's birthday! And I cannot forget about her SIXTH birthday!

Morgan Mae was a surprise that came with surprises, just 6 months after we were married. Antibiotics cancel birth control:). They told us from the get go that if would more than likely be a miscarriage. I hemoraged at 8 weeks, 17 weeks, & 30 weeks.

At 20 weeks, they found her bilateral cleft lip & palate...nothing else. That didn't take very long to get over & find the right surgeon, even before she was born.

At 25 weeks while Isaac was with the Raiders in California, I went to our new high risk doctor in Maryland. The lady asked if we had ever had any Down's counseling.(Down Syndrome). No, we had not. The doctor then came in & preceeded to tell us of half of her complications. The others to be found out after she was born.

We were told she would more than likely not live to be born & definitely not more than 1 year.

Isaac was released from the Raiders, so he was home for our 1st lamaze class & jokingly I said, she'll probably be a c-section, along with everything else.

Sure enough, we just started to clear out a room at my parent's house, when I started hemoraging. We rushed to the hospital. I was hooked up to magnesium & was given 2 steroid shots for her lungs, just in case. Well, the contractions wouldn't stop & neither would the bleeding. And that caused the start of placenta previa.

Morgan Mae was born by emergency c-section at 3:35 a.m. on July 31st.

At 30 weeks and 5 days, Morgan was 3 lbs & 10 oz & 16 inches long.

Everyday when we would visit her in the NICU, they would tell us about something else that hadn't developed properly. We knew about the cleft lip & palate & the dialated ventricles in her brain, but not about her heart defect, all the parts in her brain that didn't divide or develop, her congenital scoliosis, her eye problems.... and all the premie issues too(to name a few). Then one of the sweet doctors said to me "But look at her. Look at all the things that did go her way."

Morgan has had 6 craniofacial surgeries, open heart surgery, 2 orthopedic surgeries, 3 others--(ears, hemangioma, cyst removal), & botox & phenyl injections for spasticity. She also started having seizures a couple months before she turned 2. And has been under anesthesia or sedation more times than I can count.

Morgan has a wonderful personality & you would never know about her many struggles & challenges in life. She would hug & give loves to anyone. She truly sees people's souls & has no idea about scary or strange appearances.

Morgan is the most determined, stubborn, social, & sweetest little girl I know.
And she's absolutely beautiful. That curly blonde hair & those long dark eye lashes!

That is why she is our Triple M. Our Mircle Morgan Mae.

We are eternally grateful for your willingness to come down to us & show us what life is all about.

Happy 6th Birthday Miracle Morgan Mae!!!!

My Noah

"Mama...Mama. iiickers(stickers)."
"What did you say Noah?"
"Maamaa, ook(look) ickers."
"Ooohh, cool stickers."
"Can you please show Mama where you got your stickers?:)"
There goes the book of my brand new 1st class stamps.