Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Trip

The kiddos & let's be honest the parents too, love going every year to see all of the new baby animals! The are all so brand new & sweet. We always have so much fun going together as a family.

This new calf was as cute as can be & got so excited to see the kiddos.
It jumped all around with excitement. He loved the grub & eating their clothes:).

Momma & Miss Mo.
And some of the goats.
The new pygmies are the cutest.

All 3 trapped in jail.
And Noah had to sit on this sheep.
He loves the little cartoon "Shaun the Sheep".

Noah & Morgan riding the ponies.
Noah's 1st time--he had a blast.
And Mo's 1st since her hip surgery.
She wasn't quite sure about sitting on the pony...
Isaac picked the skinniest one:). She was singing by the end.

Let's just leave 'em in jail.
They both threw a fit when we moved on from the play houses.
We also saw the horse & trailer ride, pigs, bunnies, ducks, chickens, peacocks and more. We had tons of fun!


Kates said...

I am so glad Morgans casts are off. Looks like you had so much fun in Park City. I love going up there! And I love the outlet mall! I hope you guys are doing great and I am so happy you are having another boy. We will find out in a couple of weeks what we are having! yay!!

The Fullmer's said...

I love the new baby animals! I'm glad Isaac could come spend time with you and the kiddos. Such a cute family!

mckenna said...

So cute!! You look gorgeous!! And I miss those beautiful babies!!