Friday, March 6, 2009


So today was hard. Morgan was in alot of pain.

They tried to take her off of her epidural this morning & switch to oral pain medications, but it just wasn't enough. She started having & continues to have huge muscle spasms. The doctors & nurses say they are worse in children that deal with muscle spasticity such as those with cerebral palsy, like our sweet girl.

When they would get the pain under control a little bit, Morgan would start talking about butterflies & giving kisses until the meds were not enough again.

She is finally sleeping. Thanks to a bolus(sp?)given in her epidural & a nice big dose of valuum. Now we just have to get her pain & spasms under control so she can come home!

Noah was able to see his big sister today & Momma & Papa were in the room too. All seemed to be right with the world:). He's just so darn cute that someone gave him a brand new little doggy to pull behind him on a rope & did just that all around the hospital for quite a while today. Grammy also came up & sat with Mo for a while. And Aunt Elyse brought up some of the most beautiful butterfly balloons. And thank you to Dick & Teri for socializing with the Momma for a little bit & checking on sweet Morgan. Thank you all.

Thank you all again for all your love & prayers. We ask you to keep it up:). This recovery looks like it's gonna be a bear. We love all of you!

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mckenna said...

Oh poor Morgan. :( I wish there were more to be done for her. (I'm sure that thought hasn't crossed your mind at all, right? ;) We constantly praying for a quick recovery for that sweet little girl!! Love you all!