Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Starts with a...

And a bath right after an explosion...
Get out those punkins ladies & gents...
It's time to paint & carve!
Holy, what is that?!
I think I'll eat it!
(If i was a true blogger, I would
have gotten the picture before I
scooped the paint out of his mouth!)
Painting like crazy! Tray, face, arms, hair & all!
And a little bit on the pumpkin!

Finished products!

(As noted there is one more pumpkin than people.
That would be because I had a tantrum. Isaac
carved his while I helped the kids paint & I didn't
want to carve one by myself:) )
Also, these are our 2nd batch of pumpkins...
our 1st met the street the week before!


Melissa Mae Johnson said...

I can't believe how much Noah looks like Isaac!

Cami said...

such a cute family.. carving pumpkins!! they had so much fun, what cute kids! you were better then us, we just drew on ours and put them outside the day of Halloween! ha oh well.
WE WOKE UP TO SNOW TOO!! I hate the winter