Sunday, November 2, 2008


On Wednesday, October 22, 2008, Morgan Mae's kindergarten class went to Hee Haw Farms. She had a blast! They...

Rode the bus! She still loves the bus!
Just not that camera flash!

Hang out with Papa! SO cute of Papa!

Play in a corn maze. Which was so much fun until Isaac walked 5 feet away to take this picture!

Pick out a sweet pumpkin!

Checked out all the bunnies at Bunnyville!
Saw Leroy, the famous 1200 pound PIG!!!
Isaac said he never moved:).

Got to pet some fun critters. Morgan was brave
& actually touched the pig! For those of you who don't
know, she doesn't like slimey tongues & noses. When I
was pregnant wih Noah we took her to Thankgiving Point, a
calf licked her & it was about the end of the world.


Slide down a sweet 30 ft Haystack slide!

And watch the other kids slide down. That's one
of the many super fun things about Morgan, watching
the other kids is just as fun!
Play in a whole bunch of corn!
We found that for days around our house & in her chair!

And hang out with Papa. Isaac went on this
field trip & I got to hang out with the Noah man!
I think he had just as much fun as Morgan:).
Papa that is!(Well Noah & I had fun too:))
And as you can tell by the look on that
little girl's face, that Papa of hers, IS the
best part of her day. Papa looks pretty
content too I'd say!

I'm so glad they got to spend the day together! Thank you Isaac for being such a terrific Papa!


mckenna said...

So cute!! You've got some great pictures there! I love it. You guys are so awesome.

The Kadz Family said...

So cute!! That looks like fun and Morgan seems like such a sweetheart!

Erin said...

The slide looks so fun. And about hiking Timp - it's paved the whole way up, so you can take a wheelchair, but maybe the last 1/4 mile they make you leave everything like that behind, and you can't have it in the cave. Well, I'm actually not sure about wheelchairs, but that's at least the rule for strollers.

ruth said...

i really really wanted to do an autumn-esque field trip like that with savannah this year, but i am too late. i think the cold weather and rainy days are here for awhile. but we can live vicariously through your pictures.

Cami said...

Looks like they had so much fun! these are the cutest pics of her and her papa, especially the last one! LOVE them