Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wow, Another Post!

It only took me 3 months & some help from a friend to finally sit down & figure out this blogging business! Yes, some of you would say it's not that difficult, but me & my friend Cami started trying to post pictures over 3 hrs ago! Firefox would not download my pictures to my blog page! So, we switched from Firefox to Internet Explorer and voila, I'm posting! Yey! Thank you Cami & Internet Explorer!
So, this picture of our sweet family is at the zoo in Madison, Wisconsin. The Henry Villa Zoo was very fun for the kids & it had a sweet park right outside of it. But of course our children thought the best part about the zoo was this rope & I thought the craziest part was when our friend James jumped over the rope & touched the Rhino's behind! I could not believe it!
We are having fun being away from Utah this summer, but moving from Utah to Wisconsin, then to Pennsylvania a month later was not so fun. It's so nice to be so close to my family...only a little over 2 hrs! So hopefully I will get to see them lots more this summer, which I am very excited about!
And I love that the pant leg on little Noah is stuck in his leg chub! So cute! And that Morgan Mae thinks that the rope is just as fun as Noah does! Love to all!

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