Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sam & The Last Three + Months...

Sam has been quite a handful. He has reflux and busted our chops quite a bit for the 1st 2 & 1/2 months. He is now on prevacid & is quite a little cutie & is SO MUCH HAPPIER!!!!! Which makes the Mama & the Papa & the Morgan & Noah much, much happier. He also was sick for about 6 weeks with something like RSV. The poor little guy used a nebulizer for about a month.

So now, Samuel Lorrin is a sweet, happy little boy. He loves to smile & gets the cutest little grin on his face when he 1st wakes up & sees you. He also can breath out his's amazing how much happier that makes a little one:). Right now he's loving chatting up a storm & blowing raspberries. And Papa says he especially loves the Milk Lady right now....he smiles at her the most:).

@ 2 weeks old
1 month

7 weeks old
(1st smile caught on camera:))

7 weeks old

2 months
This is how is looked while is was sick.
2 months
Trying to smile through the sickness.
Pretty dang cute:).
Isaac with Sam on one of his many breathing treatments.
Just over 2 months old.

Mom with Sam doing the same.
2 and 1/2 months.

10 weeks old
I LOVE this picture:).

10 1/2 weeks.

Getting ready for the game!
Go cougs!
Just over 11 weeks.
3 months old
LOVE this little crinkly nose.
3 months old.
So cute.

Sam just last week.
Taken on 11/15/09.
Such a handsome boy!!!!
Noah holding baby Sam.
He's finally really liking him since he's stopped crying so much.
Now Noah tells me when he's crying & says
"Mama, baby's kcryin. Let's go find. Aww, it's otay baby Sam."
Never thought that day would come:).
Had to take a pic of his Halloween outfit.
He was at least willing to cooperate:).
Even if it was taken 2 weeks after Halloween.
Morgan with Sammy.
She's always loved him.
Tears or not.
She used to just immitate him & laugh.
My 1st attempt at all 3 of my angels.
So cute:).
SO many sleepless nights later. We have a super handsome, cute, happy boy...that has joined our other 2 cuties! Whew. I look forward to the sleeping through the night sometime again in the near future. We are so glad that he is healthy again & his reflux is under control. He had us pretty scared there for a little while, in more ways than one:). Thank you so much for joining our family Wiggly Fuzzy Bear. We love you!


Suzanna H. said...

I am so glad things are going better with your little one. We will be coming up in January to visit. We'll have to compare how big the two boys are.

Allison said...

Sam is so cute, just like his big brother and sister:) I love his big smile. I'm glad he is doing better, and hopefully you are getting a little more rest. When Mama ain't happy ain't no body happy:)

Cami said...

what cute pictures of little sam! glad he is feeling better. hope you are all doing well and had a great Thanksgiving!

The Johnson Family said...

Oh my gosh...he is adorable!! Fits right in perfectly with the rest of the fam! I am so glad that he is feeling better and happier, makes everyone happier I am sure. You guys are wonderful and fabulous and we miss you SOOOO much! Give every one of your cuties a big hug from us. We will be out in the summertime for a visit, seems like forever away, but we will for sure be coming by! Wahoo!

Bugs said...

What a handsom little devil!! It was so good to see you over Thanksgiving. And thanks for the use of your shower.
Love ya!!

chadandsydney said...

He is so cute! I love his hair!

julie said...

I'm so excited to hear a happy Erin voice coming through!! I'm glad that Sam is healthy and happy now - those first three months are just so hard as it is, but add in reflux and RSV and, phew, that's extra tough! Glad you are sleeping a little better and sound much refreshed. Keep up the great work, Mama! Luv ya!
P.S. Are you coming East for Christmas? we'd love to see you!!

mckenna said...

He is so dang handsome! Seriously. Those are three of the best looking kids. Period. So cute!

afienvirous89 said...

wow.. so sweet....

Kates said...

I haven't looked at your blog forever!! I can't believe how big your kids are. I feel you pain about getting sleep! 3 kids I think is a killer! We are for sure coming to Utah this summer so we are going to definitely need to get together! We love you guys!