Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tree Decorating...

I know, it's the 20th of January. I still don't have my camera back, but I found these pictures when I downloaded our family pictures. I forgot to post the decorating the tree!!!

This year, by far, was the most fun decorating we've ever had! Morgan & Noah had so much fun! They were great little helpers this year & couldn't wait to put on the next decoration:).

The finished product.

Papa putting the star on top.

Morgan & Noah getting hugs in between the hanging
of the ornaments.

Momma & Morgan.

The garland was by far Noah's favorite part:).
He was such a great helper:).

So by the time Christmas was over, only about 7 Christmas decorations got broken. Along with Momma's Precious Moments Nativity that was pulled down from the top of the piano. Seriously though, at least no one got hurt from falling or broken pieces, right?:).


Abby said...

Hey, as long as it gets posted/journaled, I've always told myself the timing doesn't really matter. Can't wait for your camera to arrive, though, so we can see all the fun pictures. After a hand, part of a staff, and I think another hand got broken off our Nativity scene, we invested in a Little People Nativity scene that the girlies just love. Anything to make life easier, right!? Love you guys.

mckenna said...

I love those pictures!! So fun! I seriously miss you guys. Next time we're in Utah, you must clear your schedule for ME!!

The Kadz Family said...

Those pictures were so beautiful! Your house is beautiful! Your next Christmas is going to be even more fun! I'm so excited for you!

Melissa Mae said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Hopefully I will be right there with you soon.