Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Session #2

These were some shots I took trying to get Christmas card pictures the 2nd time. Kids are so hard to take pictures of....well at least all of them together. They are still absolutely adorable. Taken after church on Sunday after church in the middle of December.

Sam naked because he peed through his outfit:)
Happiest when he's naked:).
Noah telling me he doesn't want to take anymore pictures.
But boy, he looks like a total stud! So handsome!
Miss Morgan being her cute self.
This was her cooperating.

There's always someone giving me a squint.
This one's pretty good:)


Abby said...

I love pictures of kiddos...I just don't have enough walls to hold them all. These guys look so dang cute.

mckenna said...

Most freaking gorgeous kids EVER. Can't get over it. I want to eat them all!! Why can't I just still live there??

Cami said...

YAY PICTURES!! lets be honest i stopped clicking at your blog everyday... but glad you are back! haha. understand that you are one busy mama though!
these are beautiful pictures of your family. i love your kids. they show their personalities and its awesome! love their outfits too
hope you are doing great, good luck in your marathon... i'm envious of runners.. i can't do it! you will do great!