Sunday, May 9, 2010

Morgan's Plates

This picture was taken 1 and 1/2 weeks after surgery:).

These are what they took out of our sweet little girl's legs! They are about 6 inches long & a quarter of an inch thick. The wire inbetween the 2 brackets is a piece of the teflon wire that closed up her chest after her heart surgery 3 years ago. They removed a piece of the wire because it was irritating her chest. Man, she sure is one tough cookie!

How tough is Morgan, when she got home from surgery that Wednesday afternoon, she wouldn't nap. Then she proceeded to scoot around on her bum all over the house & get into mischief. She was back at church on Sunday & school on Monday.

We love you so much Morgan Mae. Thank you for being so inspiring & amazing! And being ours!

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Petefam said...

Yikes!! To think those will be in Em's legs in just a few short weeks!! Thanks for sharing! Morgan is inspiring and so strong, makes me very hopeful to what will come!!