Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Boyz Stats

Noah's 3 year check-up
37 & 1/2 lbs (90%)
40" tall (95%)
Sam's 9 month check-up
21 lbs 10 oz (70%)
30 & 1/2" tall (97%)
Yep, we grow 'em big over here:)
I cannot believe my Noah is 3!
And my Sam is 1 in 2.5 months!
Like they say, "Time flies when you're having fun!".


Abby said...

Isn't that the truth...I'm impressed that you can call of the insanity "fun". You're much wiser than took me forever to figure out what real fun was actually like.

Bugs said...

Holy cow. That year did fly by. I feel bad, we don't even know Sam very well. We need to get together more.

scott and tara said...

You know what I would say about how that compares to my LITTLE one, so I don't even have to say it :)

thebusbyfamily said...

you do "grow 'em big", but i wouldn't expect anything less with such height from mom & dad!

when do you run the half marathon?