Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Decision to Maryland

So right after Noah's birthday, our family had about 2 days to decide if we were going with Isaac for the summer. That was a difficult decision & a super fast one. I had to leave all my girls in Young Women's & all our friends. Not to mention pack up our house & car. But you do what you gotta do & we want to be with Papa. We've been a summer without him & it's not fun. So we were off to Ohio & I had Isaac drop us off in Maryland while he got settled in our apartment for a couple weeks. Visiting Mimi & Grandad.
We went to one of our favorite breakfast places, Happy Harbor.Isn't it beautiful there?! This is right down the hill from them.
They DO love each other:).
Sunroom with Grandad,
Cute crazy Sam.
Visiting one of my besties from high school. And meeting her
newest little munchkin.
Size comparison for the boys:).
Then I took the kids to visit where I grew up.
It's missing a couple giant oak trees & it has new siding, but
this house is where I spend my 1st 18yrs of life:).
So fun visiting family & friends & my old hometown.
More playing catch up soon.
(End of May 2011)

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Cami said...

love these pictures!! keep up it, love the updates:) not that you have enough going on right now.ha
you are right, you do what you gotta do! so glad you are in utah now and that we get to live so close to you. we just need to hang out more now:)
love ya, thanks for being a great friend!