Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Reunion

On Labor Day weekend we had a reunion with Isaac's side of the family. It was way fun seeing everyone. We had just gotten back from our 2200 mile trip from Maryland back to Utah the day before. It was nice to see everyone again...especially all at once! Sorry I didn't get more pictures of everyone. I forgot about taking pictures until the end & missed alot of you.

Aunt Ronnie & Morgan Mae have this special bond:).
This is Mr. Noah stealing someone's shoe, running across the yard & laughing along the way.
Playing in the pool. McKenna & Bud had so much fun playing with Morgan & making her laugh in the pool! Thanks you guys! You totally made her day!
Aunt Adrielle and Clare having fun swimming. Noah & Clare jumped off the diving board & I caught them while I was treading water. I couldn't believe they'd jump off! Little crazies!
Sweet Aunt Teri & cute cousin Camryn.
Papa & his girl! How happy is she?!
And this has to be my new all time favoooorite picture of Noah. Running away from me, laughing, in his favorite car shoes(he loves Lightning), with the goggles he had to have on! I love my kids!
We had so much fun! Thanks everyone! Especially you Bud & Beth!

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