Monday, September 15, 2008

We Get to See Papa!!!

On August 25th, at 2:30 in the afternoon, we finally get to see Isaac after almost 6 weeks apart!
Getting all ready to go see Papa! We met him at Mike's. A restaurant on the water by my parent's house.
First hugs with Papa. I wish I had a camcorder to catch Morgan's reaction when she saw her Papa! Recap... Morgan saw someone walking toward the van & said hi casually like she usually does. Then paused, said hi again with a bit more urgency. Then the hysterical hi's started & the body shaking with excitement! Isaac started running towards the car & she started laughing & shaking even harder! It was just about the sweetest thing ever.
Noah & Papa checking out the water, boats & ducks. And look at my hubby's arm. Wow, he is seriously hot.
Feeding the ducks. And yes, Morgan just ate her lunch & is now eating the bread that was supposed to be for the ducks! That girl loves her food! And Noah, well, once he saw the ducks, it was just about impossible to get him to eat. He just wanted to squat down & watch the ducks through the railings the whole time.
Morgan with her sweet Aunt Meg. We went swimming after eating to cool off & see some more of the family. And thank you Aunt Meg, Uncle Skeeter & kids for being so wonderful with Morgan & Noah! We love you!Noah being incredibly cute! With beautiful Miss Caroline in the back!
Cousins Jack & Henry and Grammy & Grandad...and Mo & Meg.
Sweet toy Noah. Everyone is so happy to be back with Papa!
We had fun in Maryland this summer! We miss & love all of you!

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abbymaile said...

I am loving all of your new posts. I checked it all too often while you were gone, and so am just thrilled every time I check and there's a new post! Your babies all look so healthy and happy, and from the looks and sounds of it you had a great summer. If you're interested feel free to check our blog at It should get you caught up on the new babe, Ane. Love you, Herring Family!