Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things I've Come to Realize....

Things I've come to realize, especially today...

  • How grateful I am that I have a marvelous husband that provides for his family.
  • That even though it seems like I am doing everything by myself right now, that I do not have to work a job for 8 or more hours, come home, pay bills myself, be by myself & try to give my best to my children. I have so much respect for single mothers.
  • I know that there is no way that I'd want to be doing what Isaac is doing right now. Knocking doors & selling. More than that though, being away from his family. I would much rather be taking care of my children by myself, then be somewhere without them.
  • That children are the most amazing blessings. That they are miracles from a loving Heavenly Father. No matter what challenges they face & how long they are here.
  • No matter what challenges I am facing, someone is facing something far worse.
  • That I miss my husband & the busy world seems to pass us by..

I am so grateful for my family. My amazing husband & my beautiful children. I never imagined that I could love anyone so much. They make me want to be a better wife & a better mother. They make me a better person.


mckenna said...

So sweet!! I'm sorry you're lonely. I'm about to call you to finalize some escape plans for this afternoon!! So be ready to answer your phone!!

Erin said...

Where are you guys? Is Isaac extending?