Saturday, September 13, 2008

Playing at the Beach

Around July 12th, we went to a community beach by my brother's house. Not knowing of course that would be the plan. Therefore no bathing suits, but whateva. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and water!

Noah was unsure about the water.
This is the cutest picture of Grandad & him!

And I truly don't think that there is a little lady
out there that loves the sand more than Miss Morgan Mae!

Noah is a little boy through and through!
He loves, loves, loves cars & trucks & planes!
And as you can see, he is no longer afraid of the water!
And who doesn't love getting wet & sandy in their nice clothes!


mckenna said...

Jack and Noah will get along nicely. Jack is also a true boy with the trucks and cars and sound effects and all! Cute pics!

The Johnson Family said...

Oh what cuties!! We miss you guys so much. I wish we could have seen you before we left. We'll have to get together for sure when we come visit- Cy and Noah have to get to know each other! Love you guys!

Cami said...

hey! You are back to blogging!haha funny I would always click into your blog and..nothing new. Now there is lots! these are way cute pictures from the beach especially that one with your dad and noah. oh fun, I miss you guys. keep posting so I can see pics of you guys! talk to ya soon I'm sure!

Beef said...

Erin, This is Adam Black, you commented on our blog about Porter. I noticed you have Tom and Katie Hunt on your this the same Tom and Katie in Arizona and did Tom grow up in Sandy, UT? I haven't talked to him in a long while if it is...but would love to take a look at their blog. Would you mind pointing them to our blog so I can get back in touch with them? I grew up with Tom. Thanks! We meet with a Neurosurgeon Sept 23rd and then will schedule Porter's pump surgery after that.