Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Such a Good Helper!

One morning while Morgan was at school, I started sanding & staining the shelf that I bought when I was pregnant with Noah. Yeah, I'm a bit of a procrastinator & then it seems that after every summer I have to put my house & my head back together again & remember where all my secret hiding spots are. You know the spots you put your projects & things that are important & then completely forget where those spots are! So here's to remembering & finding the shelf behind Noah's door! And thanks to Noah for being such a great helper:). Noah saw what I was doing & didn't hesitate for a second to pick up the other piece of sand paper & help!
So he sanded a little, but mostly danced around & on the shelf, laid on the shelf, sat on the shelf, & of course drove cars on it too! And he did stand still long enough to snap a 2 pictures!